Several Circles – Wassily Kandinsky

“I supervised some of Dominique’s clinical work with children and young people when we both worked in Brighton. I was always very impressed with her care, dedication and reliability as well as the warmth, creativity and humour she brought to her work. She was a great colleague and a very skilled therapist.” – Dr Paul Holmes (Colleague. Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist now retired. Formally UKCP registered Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist, Psychodrama Psychotherapist and Author.)

“Working with Dominique grounded me after a very difficult period following vigorous treatment for cancer.  I found Dominique very easy to work with and ultimately very helpful.”  – LA (Male Client)

“I have known Dominique for twenty four years as a colleague and fellow supervisee.
Dominique is supportive and kind. She is straightforward and also very sensitive in her approach. ( I think this is a special combination.)
I have enjoyed working with Dominique over the years. I feel that I can rely on her assessment and understanding to be fair. Her wide range of therapeutic interests and tools are an inspiration to me.” – Maggie Batty (Colleague. Psychotherapist.)

“I could not have felt more heard and held during my time in therapy with Dominique. She is extremely skilled, knowledgeable and compassionate which allowed me to feel parts of myself that very much needed healing and to create space for parts that needed to grow. When it felt like the storm was raging inside, seeing Dominique would calm and help me understand what was happening and where it came from.” – IN (Female Client)

“Having worked in trainings with Dominique, I know her as a person of immense warmth, empathy and wisdom. Her ability to be open to others, to hold a safe space for them, and to work with joy, energy and playfulness as well as gentle strength, is wonderful.”  – Harriet Castor (Colleague. Author. Lecturer.)

“Dominique’s sensitive, relaxed and intuitive approach immediately put me at my ease. She then guided and helped me do some very deep work, that I am still feeling the benefits of weeks later. Thank you!”  – RA (Female Client)

“My sense of Dominique as a therapist is one of warmth, creativity and huge sensitivity. She reads widely and always has new ideas and ways of thinking. I would not hesitate to recommend her”.  – Kirstie Adamson (Colleague. Counsellor. Supervisor. Somatic Experiencing.)

“I have been to see Dominique several times over the years and she has always been able to respond very intuitively, in a way that has helped me really feel what’s going on underneath. Most recently I came to see her in a state of insomnia-induced anxiety, where the fear and the sleeplessness get locked in a self-perpetuating loop. She was able to lead me into the two child parts of me that were battling – one lonely, terrified small one, one ‘protecting’, chastising older child, whose role had once been necessary for survival. Just seeing and feeling, and understanding and finding compassion for both these parts was incredibly cathartic and the fear and tension subsided and I was able to sleep. It also gave me a model to take away and work with myself, which I feel will be invaluable in the future. I can’t thank her enough.” JF (Female client)

“Dominique is warm, approachable, compassionate and caring. She brings a wealth of wisdom, experience and training to her therapeutic work, as well as integrity, professionalism and humanity. Simply, I’d recommend Dominique in a heartbeat”  – Julie Bullock (Colleague. University Counsellor. Supervisor.)

“Working with Dominique for four years whilst I studied for my Masters in Psychotherapy not only taught me how to live in contact with my whole Self, I also found it to be the most influential lesson which guided me to decide how I wished to work once graduated. For this I am forever grateful.” – BS (Male Client)

Illustration – Julie Paschkis from Pablo Neruda: Poet of the People by Monica Brown – brainpickings